Open space



The open space office is recently too much criticized – it is a noisy space that do not afford concentration and employees can’t get focused, the atmosphere is too distracting etc. But still they do not have any real alternative and companies prefer open office spaces because some of the following reasons – effectiveness, they allow to getter together a good number of professionals, they optimize company expenses, enhance the communication between employees. We offer ergonomic solutions for open space affordable for different budgets. If you combine full range of products for open space solutions you will find that the open space is not noisy, nor indiscreet. If you seek for a privet space in the open office please tack a look to the acoustic solution we are offering – panels, cabins phone boots, acoustic meeting rooms etc. But please first dedicate your time to the furniture we are delivering for our customers. They are just a small part of all solutions that we can provide, deliver and assemble for you.


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