“We advance whilst not forgetting who we are, without complexes, achieving our own expectations and goals with feeling and offering confidence.”

President and Founder of Actiu Group

Actiu design concept is going beyond aesthetics

Design goes beyond aesthetics: innovation, space and furniture go hand in hand to create more friendly, comfortable and motivating environments for people: environments that are fresher, more dynamic, creative, ergonomic and functional.

Receiving the 2017 National Design Award represents the recognition of an entire business philosophy in which design is part of Actiu’s DNA, as Actiu apply it in every facet of the company: products, architecture, projects, brand, communication, workspaces…

Design is the collective process where the knowledge, reflections and experiences of others help us to improve, enrich ourselves and find inspiration.

Everything is design: seeing, intuition, putting yourself in another’s shoes, working as a team, planning, organising, improving, innovating, thinking, imagining, dreaming. Design is people, materials, shapes, colours, sensations, emotions, experiences. Designing is a constant challenge, a never-ending search.


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