NARBUTAS is a Lithuanian-based company with a global outlook. The company design and create furniture for the modern workspace, with the needs of the 21st-century employee in mind. Narbutas offer a variety of solutions and a dynamic approach to each individual customer. We are proud to call ourselves a company manufacturing modern, durable and functional furniture.

A word fton the founder:

“For many years, the company has been growing, surprising everyone – society, customers, partners and even ourselves. Everyone wonders what the secret to its success is. The answer is simple – a motivated team and the right strategy!”

Petras Narbutas

Manufacturing office furniture

The continuous modernization and automation of NARBUTAS’ furniture factory in Lithuania ensure a reliable production process and the highest quality of furniture produced. In 2018, the company invested over 7M Euros into development, increasing the factory area up to 36,600 m². The factory currently employs over 700 people.

Product design

NARBUTAS’ professional and experienced product development team and innovation group work closely together to find optimal, high-quality solutions which are functional and easily adapted to various spaces.

Custom - made furniture

Narbutas production systems  are flexible and offer to customers the service of designing and producing custom furniture. 


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