Easy регулируеми по височина бюра от Narbutas

EASY makes it easy to be productive!

An ergonomic and functional sit-stand desking system is available as single or bench desks. Select from our wide range of solutions to set up an electric height adjustable desk that is best suited for your work space. It’s Easy to choose, easy to use, and easy to stay productive for a longer period of time.

EASY desks are designed for ergonomic and dynamic workstations that allow you to easily change your position from sitting to standing. This will keep your body moving and your mind sharper. You can adjust the height of the desk with a touch of a button or via Bluetooth remote control from your smartphone. Choose a personalised height for your most comfortable working position, and save your height preferences. By using LINAK app you can also get a reminder to alternate between sitting and standing positions.

We offer a variety of different buttons, from the basic version with Up / Down function to the ones with a memory position, integrated Bluetooth and LED light reminder fostering to be more active at your workplace.

A work desk is often surrounded by other objects. While an adjustable height desk is in motion, it could accidentally collide with a cabinet if you lower it all the way down. To prevent this, the 3-level column sensor will automatically stop the desk’s movement if it senses an obstacle in its path. Hardware based PIEZO anti-collision solution limits material damages in case desk collides with a solid object.

Two-desk benches are an excellent solution for combining workstations. The shared leg of the sit-stand desks provide maximum stability of the joined desks.

Choose from two types of metal feet, the universal or light design version.


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