Tritos - фамилия мека мебел на Noti

A combination of cubic shape and simple shape with exceptional line of elbow-rests gives a feeling of exceptional character of TRITOS sofas and couches. The base is made from rollers or legs made from stainless steel which additionally emphasises the character of furniture.

Arched Tritos is complementary to the collection designed by Piotr Kuchciński. The change is the original reshaping of Tritos sofas and thus the arc-shaped modules can from a semicircle of a circle or a wavy line. Screen walls are a part of this collection, which may be an integral part of sofa, or as a self-standing screen which separates a chosen space from the rest of the room. It is possible to order the screen walls upholstered or with a white board on the inner part of structure.


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