Active - бюро с електрически мотори от narbutas

ACTIVE electric height adjustable desking system can be best described in two words: functionality and quality. Even if you spend most of your day at work, it should not prevent you from staying active at your workplace. ACTIVE desking system allows you to easily switch your position from sitting to standing or vice versa. Sit-stand desks featuring aesthetic design will go well in any office setting.

The desk height can be adjusted by pressing a selected button: a memory position button with a display, or up and down controls. Choose a personalised height for your most comfortable working position, and save your height preferences. The sit-stand desk with 2-level columns has an adjustment range of 723 mm to 1193 mm, whereas the height of the desk with 3-level columns can be adjusted from 642 mm to 1292 mm.

The up and down motions of the desk can damage the paint coating of the column. ACTIVE desks have a plastic element that protects the desk leg against potential scratching.

A work desk is often surrounded by other objects. While an adjustable height desk is in motion, it could accidentally collide with a cabinet if you lower it all the way down. However, this can be avoided. Both the 2- level and 3-level feet sensor will automatically stop the desk’s movement if it senses an obstacle in its path. The anti-collision feature reduces the likelihood of damage should the desk collide with a hard object.

Choose from three types of metal feet. All the designs look minimalist, light and with different elegant accents.


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